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You will find here useful stuff when using The Hessling Editor (THE) by external link Mark Hessling. This editor is a freeware OS-independent text mode editor basing on the concept of the external linkIBM-mainframe editor XEDIT or its PC-world clone external link KEDIT. The editor uses external linkREXX as its easy to learn scripting language. Thus, THE enables you to either work on files in an automated way by extending REXX with the editing functions or to extend the editor by using REXX macros. That way, you can change the behaviour of THE totally to let it fit to your needs and habits. So THE may be a versatile tool for manipulating text files either interactively or by batch.

What's available?

At this site I will not replicate the executables/sources of THE and the necessary software, which can be found elsewhere. Instead this site is dedicated to user contributions in form of macros or additional documentation, collects these all together and shows also the main links to get THE onto your system.

Just note, that the formerly used contrib directories at the ftp-sites currently are not up to date.

So, try out some of the documents or contributions or return to internal linkhome.